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 Secure Document Shredding in Fulton MO:

So much attention these days is focused on electronic communications and IT security that physical security is often overlooked. In the government, medical, legal and financial sectors, for example, lots of highly sensitive information is still being processed on paper.

document shredding Central Missouri Jefferson City ColumbiaFor example, the risk of personal information like social security numbers being stolen from government offices decreases by using our document shredding services, as well as private information contained on student records by using our secure document shredding service.

IMS complements its document shredding service around the 65251 area with its document scanning and records management services. Learn more about how IMS can help you reduce your paper trail without losing access to a single record. If you’re not comfortable with IMS scanning your documents, we also offer software solutions solutions so you can scan them at your place of business.

Simply throwing away confidential files and information puts you and your clients’ personal information at risk as well as making you vulnerable to potential legal action.  Our document shredding services safeguard against someone willing to dig through dumpsters or unguarded paper drops. There are far too many instances of discarded confidential documents blowing out of open trucks, outdoor bins and other unsecured locations.  Through our document shredding service, IMS helps you minimize the risk of a paper security breach. Shredding in Mid Missouri and Fulton MO  with IMS is safe and convenient with IMS.

IMS System for Document Shredding in 65251

IMS delivers secure shred consoles or carts to your office for placement of your confidential documents, and then picks up the contents for destruction on a regular schedule that suits your needs. Should you need a larger purge, we can also pickup your end-of-year documents that have reached their retention date or any other sensitive information that needs to be destroyed. After pickup, IMS co-mingles your documents with documents from other clients at our secure facility and cross-cut shreds them to ensure HIPAA compliance.  IMS then bales and ships the paper waste to a contracted paper mill for recycling in a secure, closed-loop system. A certificate of destruction is issued and will serve as your proof of secure destruction.

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