Electronic Record Storage

secure document storage managementSecure Document Storage & Retrieval

Document Box Storage

IMS offers a bar-coded and inventoried system housed in our secure and climate-controlled warehouse.

Secure Records Center

When your records are stored with IMS, you can rest assured they are safe. Our Secure Records Center is under 24-hour video surveillance and only designated personel with a password may enter. All boxes arriving at IMS are given an anonymous barcode and scanned before being placed on the shelves. Your boxes are stored randomly alongside other client boxes throughout the facility, which means your confidential data is scattered, making it virtually impossible for anyone outside of IMS to find your information.

Retrieving Your Records

IMS understand that documents in storage will periodically need to be accessed. To that end, we offer Scan-On-Demand so your information should never have to leave the premises once they are placed. Of course, should the need arise, we will retrieve your boxes or files and deliver them to you the next business day or emergency delivery is available upon request. Should you need to physically view your stored documents on site, IMS offers a private viewing room for your convenience.