FileBound Accounts Payable Toolkit

IMS Technology Group

Accounts Payable: Invoices & Approvals

Instead of managing and routing invoices physically or via email, FileBound’s work flow and document automation solution makes processing invoices and payments an easy, straightforward process. By automating time consuming manual duties AP professionals will spend less time chasing paperwork and confirming approvals, and more time on valuable tasks that further the cause of your organization — all while improving accuracy and efficiency.

Accounts Payable: Analytics & Integration

In today’s demanding, quick turnaround work environment, Accounts Payable employees have a full to do list. FileBound can help them rest easy by providing our intuitive, all-encompassing automated solution that easily integrates with existing accounting systems, and includes a centralized dashboard to save time and provide strategic analytic insights to improve processes.

Accounts Payable: Compliance

As any Accounts Payable professional knows, timely payment is only half the battle. By harnessing our work flow automation and document management capabilities, your organization can conquer those everyday tasks, while ensuring that your data is consistent, compliant, and secure. That way, you’re prepared for anything the workday might bring, whether it be tracking down a vendor payment or preparing for an annual audit.