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All-Inclusive Scan Business

All Inclusive Scanning CompanyWhy do you care that IMS is an all-inclusive scan business?

1. Do you still have doubts about the overall security of scanned documents?

2. Are you concerned about what comes next when archived and current paper documents are scanned?

3. Do your imaging needs cover a variety of formats?

4. Are you worried about the costs of buying more file cabinets or the expense of having employees drive to an off-site location to dig through boxes to find that one needed document?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, here’s a little bit about IMS’s full-service scanning service.

Our Solutions

We all know paper documents are becoming outmoded. Whether you are slow to the dance or already firmly on board with converting your documents, IMS can help.

For existing material, no matter how long the documents have been stored, we have procedures to convert them to a digital format. We scan and index paper, microfilm, microfiche, medical and banking records, and even large-format documents such as blueprints and maps.

We do the work in our scanning bureau, then upload the images to portable storage devices, to the Cloud, to an electronic content management software (such as FileBound), or to a shared network drive.

The records provided to us will be prepped for scanning and indexed according to your specific needs. After the completion of the scanning process, you can choose to store your paper in our secure box storage facility or destroy the paper using our document shredding service. We are a member of the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM).

We Scan – IMS Document Scanning Bureau

In business today, paper is changing to digital and businesses need a cost and time effective way to manage their archived and existing paper documents. At IMS, our document scanning technology makes it easy for you to back up your paper files for easy search and retrieval. IMS’ full-service scanning bureau scans all of your important documents at our secure facility and uploads the images securely to a document management software like FileBound or other external devices. You can then choose to store your paper in our secure box storage facility or shred the paper using our document shredding services.

How Our Scanning Works

scanning servicesIMS will provide digital imaging services for backfiles or on a routine or on-demand schedule going forward. We can convert paper documents, microfilm, microfiche, and even large format documents such as blueprints and maps. The records provided to us will be prepped for scanning and indexed according to your specific needs. The images can then be easily accessed via FileBound, an external device or just a searchable folder on a hard drive.

By providing document scanning services, IMS allows your company to easily search and retrieve important documents, whether it’s in a government department, private business, K-12 school district, medical office, hospital, law firm and more. Every business produces important documents, both in paper and digital format. Our goal is to help you securely and effectively find these documents when you need them.

At IMS our scanning bureau can provide scanning services to anywhere in Missouri, the Midwest, and nationwide. We can pick up your documents in Jefferson City, Columbia, Springfield, Lake of the Ozarks, Kansas City, St. Louis, and many more places and then deliver them to you in the format you choose.

Types of Records We Scan and Process

  • Student records
  • Medical Records
  • AP Documents
  • Insurance claims
  • Maps/Blueprints
  • Case Files
  • Microfilm / Microfiche
  • Board Documents
  • Employee Files
  • And many more…

You Scan – Hardware & Software At Your Location

document scanningWhether you want a simple scan workflow or complex document capture, we provide an affordable, scalable solution. Document scanning is not just about converting paper into digital files, it is also about capturing important data about the file so it can be retrieved quickly and easily.

Organizations today have so many requirements for scanning and capture, they often deploy a number of solutions to meet all their departmental needs. IMS offers both Ancora and Psigen software to automate the scanning process. The IT staff at IMS can train your staff how to process paper documents to digital and reduce the amount of time it takes for data entry. Both Ancora and Psigen can consolidate and standardize the scanned images and migrate them to a document management system, such as FileBound.

Scanning Hardware

IMS is an authorized dealer for Epson, Panasonic, and Fujitsu scanning equipment. The trained and friendly staff can help determine the best scanner for any organization’s needs and can set up and train on the use of the equipment. From small desktop scanners to large volume high-speed scanners IMS can help with your needs.