Our Document Storage Services

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Document Storage Solutions

Document Storage CompanyHow can IMS’s offsite storage work for you?

1. Is your office out of space for boxes and bins of paper that must be retained?

2. Fire, tornadoes, floods – are you concerned about natural disasters destroying the documents of your valuable customers or your essential business information?

3. Are you worried the boxes and file cabinets in your limited-security areas are an open invitation for breaches of confidentiality?

4. Have you looked into the cost of buying more file cabinets, or into the price per square foot for new storage construction?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, here are some details about IMS’s storage options.

Our Solutions

Our secure and climate-controlled records center is under 24-hour video surveillance with password protected entry. All boxes and files arriving at IMS are given an anonymous barcode and then scanned before being placed on shelves.

Our company is a member of Professional Records and Information Service Management International (PRISM). To best protect your documents, our employees follow policies and procedure deemed to be the most rigorous in the business.

Your boxes are stored randomly alongside the boxes of other clients
throughout the facility, which means your confidential data is scattered, making it virtually impossible for anyone outside IMS to find your information.

IMS also understands that documents in storage may periodically need to be accessed. We offer Scan-on-Demand so your information should never have to leave the premises once they are placed.

If the need arises, of course, we will retrieve your boxes or files and deliver them to you the next business day. Emergency retrieval is available on request.