Our Services

"IMS.... Your Paper Trail Ends Here"

IMS delivers secure shred consoles or carts to your office for placement of your confidential documents, and then picks up the contents for destruction on a regular schedule that suits your needs. Should you need a larger purge, we can also pickup your end-of-year documents that have reached their retention date or any other sensitive information that needs to be destroyed. After pickup, IMS co-mingles your documents with documents from other clients at our secure facility and cross-cut shreds them if necessary to ensure HIPAA compliance. IMS then bales and ships the paper waste to a contracted paper mill for recycling in a secure, closed-loop system. A certificate of destruction is issued and will serve as your proof of secure destruction.
When your records are stored with IMS, you can rest assured they are safe. Our Secure Records Center is under 24-hour video surveillance and only designated personnel with a password may enter. 

All boxes and files arriving at IMS are given an anonymous barcode and scanned before being placed on the shelves. Your boxes are stored randomly alongside other client boxes throughout the facility, which means your confidential data is scattered, making it virtually impossible for anyone outside of IMS to find your information. IMS understands that documents in storage will periodically need to be accessed. To that end, we offer Scan-On-Demand so your information should never have to leave the premises once they are placed in our Secure Records Center.
IMS has a full-service scanning bureau for all your imaging needs. We scan and index paper, microfilm, microfiche and medical records and convert them to a digital format according to your specific needs. IMS can then migrate your data into a variety of formats, including your Document Management System, including FileBound, an external hard drive, thumb drive or folder structure created from your index fields.