Our Software Solutions

"IMS.... Your Paper Trail Ends Here"

Experience Automated Invoice Processing With No Templates and No Setup. ancoraDocs is a simple, not over architected, advanced capture solution providing enterprise level functionality to both your SMB and enterprise customers.
Barracuda Backup simplifies data protection across your entire infrastructure. Barracuda Backup is a cost-effective solution for protecting your data in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. The Barracuda solution is simple to deploy and easy to manage and provides scalable retention and offsite disaster recovery to the Barracuda Cloud or between your sites for private replication.
Are you managing your business or is it managing you? Are you buried in paperwork and think there must be a better way? Document management solutions can automate how your company gets work done by managing the business processes from beginning to end.
Email security should be user friendly, effective, and cost effective. That was the main goal when Indentillect email security was created. It provides a variety of solutions including an Outlook plugin, mobile app, and web portal.
Business and enterprise oriented plans allow access to cloud-hosted versions of Office's service and Applications. Also referred to as Software As A Service or SAAS, Office 365 receives regular updates ensuring your staff is always using the latest features, and updated software.
Competitively priced, truly scalable and uniquely flexible, PSIcapture is the ideal document capture solution for any organization. This is about much more than just converting documents from paper to digital format. It’s about turning your data into useful information that can be used to run your business more efficiently.
Need a secure place to store and access information? Do you need access from anywhere with almost any type of device? SharePoint may be your answer. Accessing your documents and information from an organized location from anywhere in the world just makes sense in today's business environment. Having a system which communicates with your document management or scanning system is vital to a total solution. We can help with that integration.